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mo - dispatch request to spend

About the use such as an official illustration of mo ... to spend or the formal image

 Kobayashi-shi government office business and industry sightseeing section TEL: 0984-23-1174

※The Kobayashi-shi tourist association becomes "only the dispatch request".
■I dispatch mo ... moving to such an event■
・A festival and the event that are held in an area
・The events that can publicize charm of Kobayashi-shi

※Please inquire for the thing that the right or wrong of the dispatch is unidentified.

Method of the dispatch request

■Please apply within one month before the day when you are going to receive event dispatch.
■During the dispatch period, I do it with principle less than one day.
■In dispatch decision, I examine the contents and notify you by a dispatch authorization.

Dispatch application submission method

*E-mail (
As you cannot accept the dispatch request only over a telephone, please submit an application by all means.

[application, inquiry, dispatch application submission point]

[Kobayashi-shi tourist association]
1829-16, Hosono, Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki KITTO Kobayashi
TEL: 0984-22-8684
FAX: 0984-22-8685

I have you confirm it before a dispatch request and prepare

When I hope for dispatch, it is necessary to have you prepare for next.

Waiting room

☑Please find him in the near place from the attendance place without seeing it from the outside.
☑Please prepare the waiting room for exclusive use of the character.
☑When you assume a tent a waiting room, you cover the neighborhood with tent panels, and please seal up the gaps so that you cannot be looked from the outdoors.

Parking lot

☑Please prepare a parking lot (for one wagon) for the place as close as possible in a waiting room.
 ※As for the cases such as toll parking lots, I would like the burden of the rate.
 ※When I derive it within traffic regulation, please let the issuance of passes or information of the instruction staff know beforehand.

Sound facilities

☑When you carry out shows, please prepare for a CD player, the sound facilities including the microphone.

Flow until dispatch decision

①Reception desk of the dispatch application

・After the dispatch application acceptance, I examine the event that I can dispatch.
・In the case of the event that I cannot dispatch, I notify you of a dispatch suppression notification.

②Confirmation, the adjustment that dispatch requires

・On the same day, I adjust the dispatch time when there is a dispatch request from plural events.

③Dispatch decision

・I decide dispatch based on the contents which I confirmed and notify the person in charge.

About Kobayashi-shi sightseeing image character "mo - to spend"

Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685
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