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[Kobayashi-shi] Saigo donyukarino place

  Takamori Saigou drops in at Kobayashi at the time of Southwestern Rebellion that happened in 1877, and a record that I stayed remains.
Many people participated in this war from Kobayashi who was a part of Kagoshima as the Saigo forces at the age of Satsuma feudal clan territory, 1877 through the Edo era.
    It is the stage, and Kobayashi leaves many scratches for this war that happened with Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Oita, Kagoshima as far as it is wide, and anecdotes are handed down.

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※①Please refer to the following "ground of the connection" for ~⑧.
※①Please refer to the following "ground of the connection" for ~⑧.

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