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Treasure of Kobayashi and geo-site enjoyment course

The pyroclastic flow which appeared by the eruption of the Kakuto caldera collects to Kobayashi thick.
As for the rock to prepare a phallic stone, sankorekyukyo, the waterfall of Suki into, Kakuto pyroclastic flow hardened and was able to do it.

Kakuto caldera

An area around current Ebino-shi caused a great explosion approximately 340,000 years ago. At that time, it is the caldera which I occurred.

Kirishima Geopark

I mention Geopark ... topography and geological feature precious globally beautifully and am the natural park which I can learn.
The Kirishima Geopark features the theme of "volcanic activity to bring up variety and that of nature" and aims at the Kirishima Geopark to be able to be proud of to the world.
※The highlight such as a geological feature, the topography in geo-site ... Geopark
Vast Hatayama, Mt. Hinamori, a waterfall, sankorekyukyo, Ikoma Heights, Mountain Park of the appearance of Suki exist in Kobayashi-shi.
Reference document (saruko guide)


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There are various shops and facilities around the course.
Please drop in!
Phallic stone
Curious stone of Otokoishi of 17.5m in height and Onnaishi of neighborhood 5.5m
(the strangely shaped rocks which a lava part of the Kakuto pyroclastic flow makes)
It is said that descendant prosperity, the child has benefit.
For more details, to ⇒ phallic stone page (our association HP)
Daiwa farm
The cow which I put feelings, one one love from the water which a cow drank and brought up.
"Yogurt" using the fresh milk which I just squeezed at a ranch adjacent to a shop "cheese" "ice cream" forms a line.
For more details, to ⇒ Daiwa farm formula HP
The recreation facilities which open around Lake one Ono tomamako waterfall of the Kirishima geo-site
A hot spring, the highlight including the camping are full whether you mow the old folk house of the roof of thatch. The view from a large suspension bridge spanning the Lake Ono is a force perfect score!
I can enjoy Nature while hearing the sound of the waterfall.
For more details, to ⇒ sukimurando formula HP
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
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