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Healing and around surprising Ikoma Heights course

The volcano which is located in the northeastern part of "Mt. Hinamori" to see from Kobayashi-shi Mount Kirishima.
I am called, and it is got close to "Fuji Ikoma" by 1,344m above sea level, a magnificent figure.
The very large plateau [Ikoma Heights] in the foot can enjoy a cosmos in spring in a poppy, the autumn.
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There are various shops and facilities around the course.
Please drop in!
Mountain Park of the appearance
This park goes with a spring and the oldness from the Kirishima mountain range chosen as 100 selections of national famous clear water, and an authorized firefly is known to the only village.
There are a carp, a trout restaurant, vegetables buffet restaurant in the park and can enjoy fresh, delicious dishes.
Station Ikoma Heights of the flower
The Ikoma Heights is a very large plateau spreading out in the foot of Mount Kirishima.
1 million colorful cosmoses such as red, pink, the white attract coming people in a poppy, autumn in spring.
For more details, it is the station Ikoma Heights formula HP of ⇒ flower
Myth and deep venerable edge Shrine
I am considered to be the deep Shinto shrine of the relation for descendant of the Sun-Goddess advent, sun three generations.
One company of the Kirishima six honorific title of a Japanese god (kirishimarokushagongen)
For more details, it is ⇒ kirishima*shinsha (our association HP) page
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
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