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Encounter course with the power spot mystery of Nojiri

It is approximately 20 minutes from the Kobayashi city area to Nojiri
Along Route 268, there is the teahouse of the bush clover known as the famous spot of road station and product shop, azalea (April) and cluster amaryllis (September), too.


※Please note that some errors may occur in the time required.
There are various shops and facilities around the course.
Please drop in!
Michelia compressa of large Sawazu
[city designation natural monument]
The huge tree of designated 500 years years old. Continue growing up since was planted as a local guardian angel, the height of the tree is 16 meters. It is chosen as 100 selections of giant trees of Miyazaki.
It was said to be "a tree of manekikon" and was planted in the shrines and temples for Shinto ritual use from ancient times.
※Reference materials (saruko guide)
I walk some mountain paths.
East base of a mountain image of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff
[city designated cultural assets]
After when, it was called umajikanon and came to be told whether a miracle was new.
There is extremely mysterious tradition and is said to be it saying "I had you grant it by all means when the people whom there is not such as low dining tables pray on the old days, ceremonial occasion to lend the Kannon it".
※Reference document (Kobayashi-shi designated cultural assets conspectus)
East base of a mountain stone cavern Buddha
[prefecture designated cultural assets]
Ishibotoke where it is said to that I was worshiped in the Kamakura era saying that I save a disease and a misfortune. The Buddha of Healing, sunlight, Candraprabha, twelve divine warriors are carved.
※Reference materials (saruko guide)
Road station yu - parunojiri
The road station that bathing, staying, a restaurant, the product sale place possessed
In the sale place, I can purchase fresh vegetables and a local article for sale harvested in a hometown.
In the subtropical flora building in the site, herb garden, I can admire a medicinal herb and herb.
For more details, it is ⇒ road station yu - parunojiri HP

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