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Mountain firefly love Festival 2019 of the appearance

Mountain Park of the appearance

I have a mountain spring of the appearance authorized in 1985 by Environmental Agency (existing Ministry of the Environment) "famous clear water 100 selections", and the Mountain Park of the appearance chosen as agency "oldness and breath only village 100 selections" in 1989 is famous as a village of the natural firefly caused by the spontaneous generation that is not cultured and is got close as a for a long time citizen's oasis.

The firefly protection regulations

Kobayashi-shi established "the firefly protection regulations" in 1992 to leave splendid nature forever.
It is thoughtless and is punished when I adopt a firefly or neighboring plants, soil.
Let's follow a firefly and the smart thing and environment of the rotation together.

About firefly protection donations

Firefly protection (a firefly investigation or maintenance of the waterway)
I am made use for administration of the firefly Festival.

Money of cooperation such as firefly admiration promenade environmental protection

Please cooperate with all of you that the admiration promenade is gone along.
[one 100 yen]
Thank you in advance.

Festival summary

The admiration promenade which I usually declare off-limits of for firefly protection
I leave it open in particular only in the festival date.

The date, place

[the date]
The harmony first year to give it an order to start 
5/24 Friday, 25 Saturday, 26 Sunday, 5/31 Friday, 6/1 Saturday, 2 Sunday
[admiration promenade opening time]
From 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (the last entrance: at 8:50 p.m.))
※It is a rainout.
(when weather is unstable, I judge it by 15:00.)
 In the case of cancellation, I will tell you with tourist association FB.
A place: Mountain Park of the appearance

Traffic regulation

I am prohibited from a Mountain Park of the appearance vehicle approach until from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

I ask about an admiration promenade, firefly admiration

■I cannot pass a wheelchair and the stroller.
The admiration promenade of nature become steady, and the passage is not paved.
I can have you leave a stroller in the headquarters.
※You can see it from "an arbor" any place other than the admiration promenade.
(please refer to a figure of following access map venue.)
■I am prohibited from the light kind lighting such as smartphones, the flashlight entirely
In the admiration promenade, there is not a light kind except that there is the solar right field in the step from the viewpoint of firefly protection.
Because you do not disturb the activity of the firefly, please approve nimogo.
■Smoking is prohibited.
I admire the small baby. Because you are dangerous, please cooperate in darkness.
■Entrance → One way of the exit
■In the case of a camera, shooting with smartphones, I am prohibited from a flash
Please turn off setting before entering the admiration promenade entrance.
※That as come to trouble admired other people, follow a manner; please admire it.
※Please do not throw away garbage.
(there is not the trash box. Please take the garbage which appeared by eating and drinking home with you.)
I would like your cooperation.

Flash photography of camera smartphones is prohibited in it (please protect it by all means.)

Because the light of the flash is stronger than the light of the firefly, it does not come out.
The strong light such as the flash adversely affects a firefly.
As it becomes the cause that I disturb ecosystem, please stop the flash and lights lighting.

Parking lot, shuttle bus

<< shuttle bus >>
Parking lot ⇔ Mountain Park of the appearance entrance
[parking lot]
[all the festival dates] ●Kobayashi area cattle market
[only on 5/25 Saturday, Saturday, June 1]Kobayashi general exercise park (the tennis court side)

 ●I walk from the Mountain Park of the appearance entrance to the firefly admiration promenade entrance.
  About 8-minute walk (approximately 600m)

Figure of venue

※Please note that you do not take responsibility for all including a case, an accident, the theft.

Sponsorship / cosponsorship

Sponsorship (inquiry) Kobayashi-shi tourist association TEL 0984-22-8684
Cosponsorship Kobayashi-shi

Mountain freshwater fish aquarium (festival date () limitation night business to remove partly) of the appearance

Only in the festival date, I do business by night until 21:00.
Please come to the night aquarium to play!
※I do not do business by night on 5/24 Friday, Friday, May 31.
※A festival is not open on cancellation by night.
[entering a building charges] 200 yen for adults/child 100 yen/preschool child for free
[TEL] 0984-22-4326
[address] 1091, Minaminishikata, Kobayashi-shi (the Mountain Park of the appearance)

Life (Mountain Park of the appearance, firefly) of the firefly

Firefly generating time

From 20:00 to 20:30 

With the firefly weather

The firefly is humid, and it seems to occur a lot with temperature at the night on the day without the wind.
For a human being, it is the day when the discomfort index is high.
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685
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