Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki

Kobayashi-shi is located in Southwest Miyazaki of Kyushu.
Kyushu Mountains range in Kirishima Mountains, the northern part in the southwestern part of the city, and the forest and the plateau which are full of green spread out in the foot.
The catch phrase
[a flower, a star, a firefly, the spring wait Kobayashi-shi]


Expressway (a car to the Kobayashi IC - Kobayashi city area approximately ten minutes)

Fukuoka IC - Kobayashi IC 
Approximately two hours 30 minutes
Nagasaki IC - Kobayashi IC
Approximately three hours 30 minutes
Kumamoto IC - Kobayashi IC
Approximately one hour 30 minutes
Kagoshima IC - Kobayashi IC
Approximately one hour five minutes
Mizobe Kagoshima Airport IC - Kobayashi IC
Approximately 40 minutes
Miyazaki IC - Kobayashi IC
Approximately 50 minutes
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General way (to the Kobayashi city area)

  • It is approximately one hour ten minutes via National highway No. 268, National highway No. 10 from the Miyazaki city area
  • I go by way of National highway No. 221 from the Miyakonojo city area        Approximately 50 minutes
  • I go by way of National highway No. 221 from Ebino-shi        Approximately 30 minutes
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Express bus (to Kobayashi IC)

Kagoshima (via the airport)
Mizobe Kagoshima Airport - approximately 50 minutes / Kagoshima Chuo station square - approximately one hour 40 minutes
Kumamoto Kotsu Center - approximately two hours 15 minutes
Hakata, Tenjin - approximately three hours 20 minutes
Nagasaki station square - approximately four hours 20 minutes
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General way (to JR Kobayashi station square facilities KITTO Kobayashi)

Miyazaki Airport, the Miyazaki city
Approximately one hour 45 minutes
Miyakonojo (ion Miyakonojo)
One hour 35 minutes
Plateau (Haraikawa)
Approximately 40 minutes
Ebino (Kyoumachi)
Approximately 50 minutes
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"There is the back" Kobayashi-shi community bus: The bus which runs in the Kobayashi city

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Sightseeing in Kobayashi-shi MAP

Kobayashi-shi map

Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685