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Fruits picking
Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival
 From September 23 to October 29

Update information

Around crater warning is announced around Ebino Kogen (sulfur mountain) at 5/9 19:20 in 2017
Around crater warning (around eruption caution level 2 (crater regulation)) was announced in Mount Kirishima (the Ebino Kogen (sulfur mountain) outskirts) from Fukuoka district meteorological observatory and Kagoshima region meteorological observatory at 19:20 on May 9, 2017.
<< No thoroughfare >>
Ebino Kogen from Kobayashi-shi (via prefectural road Route 1) cannot pass it.
※The traffic from Ebino-shi of the prefectural road Route 30 use to Kagoshima is possible.
◎As you list a detour in the following map, please refer to it.
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