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Kobayashi: Flowers, GreeneryWater
Fruits picking
Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival
 From September 23 to October 29


Announcement of "kobayashi famous clear water summer festival 2021" cancellation
About "kobayashi famous clear water summer festival 2021" of this year, I decided cancellation for prevention of infection spread taking the infection situation of the new coronavirus into consideration secondary to last year.

 I thought about security and the relief of the person concerned and the volunteer staff, people from appearance, branch and the customer of the visit that it had top priority, and it was such a decision.

 It becomes the report that I am sorry for to all of you having you look forward to the festival and sincerely apologizes.

 In addition, "I worship Kobayashi in autumn and I review content and reduce a scale and am going to hold it about 2021".
(it may be called off depending on the infection situation)

 I would appreciate your support, cooperation in the business of the festival Kobayashi executive committee continuously.

                                              The festival Kobayashi executive committee secretariat
                                Official HP:

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