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Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival
 From September 23 to October 29


Announcement of makibano Sakura Festival 2021 cancellation
Planned holding on March 27, 2021; of, "well, tusk intended to hold Sakura Festival 2021", and repeated examination, but for prevention of infection spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease of visitors and the person concerned, the staff thought about relief safely that had top priority, and was decided in what canceled out of necessity.
I sincerely apologize to all of you who had you look forward to it and ask you to understand circumstances.
As all the members of the executive committee will work to hold a festival in hope of speedy convergence grandly in the next fiscal year, I would appreciate your cooperation support continuously.
I ask a person made cherry blossom viewing
It is a plan for the late March and early April in the best time to see of makibano cherry blossoms.
When you see cherry blossoms, I have infectious disease prophylaxis including the wearing of the mask be thorough by each person and ask for your kind cooperation in total to wait for a long time in eating and drinking and a banquet that I stay. 
In addition, to the people who disturb the traffic, and live in the neighborhood as come to trouble you, please refrain from the on-the-street parking.

※"Well, the parking lot, please use a tusk variety theater". 
※As infection spread prophylaxis, I will not establish the temporary restroom. 
※I will not carry out the light-up.

The makibano Sakura Festival executive committee secretariat 
TEL: 0984-22-8684 (the Kobayashi-shi tourist association) 
(weekdays) 9:00-17:30
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