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Ikoma Heights poppy Festival

A lot of vitamins colors!
A yellow carpet spreads in one side.
[period] From Saturday, April 17 to Sunday, May 16

Ikoma Heights poppy Festival tour flyer

Ikoma Heights poppy Festival tour MAP

I will go to the front and the back to enjoy "Ikoma Heights poppy Festival"!
A gourmet and sweets of Kobayashi-shi, recommended information!
※I make Ikoma Heights poppy Festival tour flyer publication (gourmet sweets) facilities MAP.
Station Ikoma Heights of the flower 
Poppies fill up the magnificent plateau whole area of 550m above sea level.
[address] 8565-28, Minaminishikata, Kobayashi-shi 
[TEL] 0984-27-1919
[regular holiday] Unavailable        
[business hours] 9:00-17:00
[rate] 600 yen, primary schoolchild 100 yen, non-school children are free of charge more than a junior high student

It is held every day during a festival period!

  • Ikoma Heights rial treasure hunt game
  Let's look for the treasure chest which solves a mystery, and was hidden in a garden!

  • Product market
  The flock including the seedling of a special product, the flower of Miyazaki!
  • Food garden
   Let's thoroughly enjoy a delicious gourmet of Miyazaki!

Event holding during the GW period

4/24 Saturday, 29 Thursday, Saturday, May 1 - 5.5 Wednesday Sunday, May 9
Street performance performance
4/29 Thursday 13:00 ...
Balloon release
4/29 Thursday, Sunday, May 2
Dog, cat transfer society & discipline classroom
5/1 Saturday, 2 Sunday 13:00 ...
Seedling present (150 people the first in ※ every day) of the flower
5/3 Monday, 4 Tuesday 9:00-16:30
5/3 Monday, 4 Tuesday, 5 Wednesday
It is outdoor sports in Ikoma Heights
Saturday, May 8
Kobayashi exceedingly high mountain high school event
Sunday, May 9
"Always thank you mother" in Mother's Day
Sunday, May 16
"ikokosu" Ikoma Heights costume play festival
Ikoma Heights access
<< car >>
・From Kobayashi I.C approximately five minutes
・From Kobayashi Station approximately 15 minutes
<< taxi >>
・kyuko taxi TEL: 0984-23-3121
・Miwa traffic TEL: 0984-23-2131
・The Kobayashi TEL which commutes: 0984-21-0550
<< bus >>
Kobayashi-shi community bus "orai"
・Miyazaki Kotsu
 Kobayashi Office
 TEL: 0984-23-3123
・Kobayashi-shi government office plan policy section 
 TEL: 0984-23-0456 

Detour route to Kobayashi-shi, Ikoma Heights - Ebino-shi, Ebino Kogen

Kobayashi-shi (via prefectural road Route 1) ⇔ Ebino-shi, Ebino Kogen cannot pass it.
Please use the following detour route.
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685
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