Kobayashi-shi pool 2018

Kobayashi general exercise park
The pool parts from the outdoors (warm water) outdoors.
In the indoor, there are a 25m multi-purpose pool, the pool for the walk, the pool for the infant who can play with water.
There is a water slider, a child pool outdoors.
Outdoor pool opening in the Kobayashi general exercise park
※The outdoor pool, please wear the swimming cap, too.
I am prohibited from the use such as a float, a beach ball.
[period] From Friday, July 20 to Friday, August 31
[time] [the outdoors] From 10:00 to 12:00 /13 time - 17:00
    [indoor] From 10:00 to 21:00 ※Until Saturday, Sunday 18:00
     (reception desk until one hour before each end)
[rate] General 410 yen, in primary, middle and high schools true 200 yen, preschool child 100 yen
[inquiry] Municipal pool TEL: 0984-21 - 0577 
        Kobayashi-shi larger section of a village southwestward 2087         
nojirikopia spring pool
Use shitanojirikopiano pools a spring
It is in "nojirikopia" in the shore of Lake Nojiri.
※The bad weather is canceled
[period] From Saturday, July 21 to Sunday, September 2
[time] From 10:00 to 17:00
[rate] High school student, 500 yen for adults, small, junior high student 300 yen, infant (3 years old or older), visit 200 yen
[inquiry] nojirikopia TEL: 0984-44 - 3000
        5160, Higashifumoto, Nojiri-cho, Kobayashi-shi
A homepage: nojirikopia
Irregularity river pool to like
The river pool where it was maintained Miyazaki for the first time
The river pool which just used the river which it was in the clear stream of this Shogawa, and flowed.
I am satisfied very much with a feeling of freedom of nature and splendor of the transparent water.
[period] From Saturday, July 21 to Friday, August 31
[rate] Free of charge
[swimming time] It is 4:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m.
Even if weather is good, depending on a state of the sullage in flooding and the pool of the river, I may not swim.  
When you come, please refer to the following contact information beforehand.
<< instructions >>
These facilities use a river and are the facility which was installed to get close to nature. You follow instructions, and please use it happily.
①Please obey the instructions of the watchman to have you enjoy it safely.
②When the child to a third grader uses it, "a protector," the companion of "the leader" is necessary.
          (I take responsibility for the action of the child, and I would like the monitoring near the child.)
③At the time of use, the entry of the list is necessary.
④When you perform barbecues in the riverbed ground, please be careful about next.
       ・Please consider it enough not to be a nuisance to other users.
       ・Using a barbecue cooker, please do not perform open fire and an open fire by all means.
       ・Please warn the handling of the fire not to roast the trees and plants enough.
       ・Please take the garbage which appeared and the charcoal which you used home with you by all means.
When accidents occur without protecting this and others, please take all responsibility.
[place] The neighborhood of Kobayashi City Suki Junior High School
[inquiry] Suki Government building area Maintenance Division TEL: 0984-48-3131
       (a guard comes on Saturday and Sunday. You seem to be able to cope.)
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685