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Makiba Cherry Blossom Road

I go south towards a cosmos ranch in prefectural road Route 104 from the Kobayashi-shi government office, and there are the famous spot for its cherry blossoms "cherry blossoms of the ranch" (makiba) of Kobayashi-shi in the place where I turned right at the Hosono Junior High School this side signal.
As for the cherry blossoms of the ranch, a manager of the military horse supplement department Heights dispatch region that raised a military horse of the army at the time of 1909, Captain Ninomiya sincerity cavalry soldier plant 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees as a windbreak forest,
It was got close as "the cherry blossoms of the military horse", and it was Kitakyusyu, or, to a row of cherry blossom trees as I covered the rare sky exhaustively in Kyushu, a cherry blossom viewing train traveled and was full of tourists as I could not move to have a look at grand cherry blossoms before the war.
Time passed, and it was an aged tree, and the tree was hit by aggravation, a disease of the soil, and the volunteer group "meeting of the Kobayashi cherry tree" started by the appeal of the Kobayashi conference hall although the cherry blossoms came to lie low while they diversified in leisure, and the cherry blossoms of the military horse carried out revival as "the cherry tree of the ranch".
A row of cherry blossom trees for about 2km of 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees spins history and thought and colors spring of Kobayashi this year.
The flowering expectation is around the end of March in the Kobayashi area.
Time to full bloom from the flowering expectation that there is a difference, but was announced is about one week by a place and weather, a kind. It will be that a storm of falling cherry blossoms dances in various places throughout the city in the beginning of April.
The spring party, Sakura Festival are held every year in around the end of March, and you can see going to see cherry blossoms at night, the fireworks, too.

makibano cherry tree access map

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