Kobayashi cosmos lady dispatch application

Kobayashi cosmos lady
It is located in Southwest Miyazaki and spreads through the foot of magnificent Kirishima mountain ranges
Of a flower, a star, a firefly, the spring wait; Kobayashi-shi.
The Ikoma Heights which is the Kobayashi-shi's greatest tourist attraction is the comfortable plateau where the flowers of the four seasons are in full glory, and 1 million cosmoses which is the flower of the city are in full glory.
It is a sightseeing lady of the pretty naming in connection with the cosmos.

I participate in the sightseeing events inside and outside the city. I emphasize charm of the Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki out of the city and the prefecture. 


Kobayashi cosmos lady dispatch summary


This Article 1 summary shall determine a necessary procedure about the dispatch of the Kobayashi cosmos lady (I say "a lady" as follows.).

(dispatch procedure)

The person (you say "an application" as follows.) who is going to apply for the dispatch of the Article 2 lady submits a predetermined application and documents of the attachment to the Kobayashi-shi tourist association (you say "an association" as follows.) beforehand and must receive dispatch decision from the association.

Even if there is the rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs when I change the matter which caught the dispatch decision, I do it if similar.

When association of 3 decides the dispatch of the lady by a rule of former Clause 2, they can refer a condition.

When association of 4 accepts application than an application and decides the dispatch of the lady, I shall be able to issue a dispatch decision letter of advice.

About the expense required for application of the dispatch decision by the rule of 5 Clause 1 and Clause 2, an applicant shall bear it.

(period of the dispatch)

During the period of the Article 3 lady dispatch, I do it with the date when an association decided dispatch by a rule of preceding article Clause 1 or Clause 2.

When you are going to dispatch you sequentially in after expiration during the period of 2 foregoing paragraphs, you apply some other time and must receive dispatch decision.

(limit of the dispatch)

When association of Article 4 corresponds to one of next kakugo, they shall not decide the dispatch of the lady.

 (1) When I admitted that an association might spoil the image of the lady.

 (2) When I dispatch you for a religious event, the religious activity, political activity.

 (3) When it is not an event with the public life that an association detects.

 (4) At the time of dispatch by a predetermined application in the association without the application.

 (5) In addition, when I admitted that the dispatch of the lady was not suitable.

(cancellation of the dispatch decision)

When an applicant corresponds to one of next kakugo, association of Article 5 cancels the dispatch decision concerned or they can cancel applicable dispatch decision.
 (1) When an applicant violated this summary.
 (2) When an applicant violated dispatch of Article 2 Clause 3 in a condition of being decided.
 (3) When I came to correspond to one of zenkoukakugo.
Association of 2 and the lady shall not take responsibility for all about the damage that occurred to an applicant by cancellation of cancellation of the dispatch decision by the rule of the foregoing paragraph and the dispatch decision.

(dispatch expense)

It is said that the dispatch of the Article 6 lady is charged.
The dispatch daily allowance to pay to 2 ladies assumes it 3,000 yen, 6,000 yen a day in half day.
When I dispatch 3 ladies, an applicant shall bear the actual expenses when I need transportation expenses, the travel expenses such as the hotel charges and other expenses.

(payment such as dispatch expenses)

You must pay the dispatch expense that the Article 7 applicant reckons it from the day when you received dispatch decision of Article 2 and calculated by the rule of the preceding article within January. The transfer fee in case of the transfer assumes it the burden on applicant in a designated account.
The dispatch expense delivered by the rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs does not return this regardless of a reason.

(compensation for damages)

When I produce some kind of damage to an association and a lady about the dispatch of the lady, the Article 8 applicant must make up for the damage by money and goods, others.


An association establishes the necessary matter other than a thing to fix for this Article 9 summary particularly.
This summary takes effect on September 1, 2015.

Cosmos lady dispatch application

It is a "Kobayashi Cosmo lady" of Kobayashi-shi dispatch application.
You download a lower file, and please use it.


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