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Mizuma Strawberry Picking


Mizuma strawberry garden

Until from December 1 to the end of May (in the case of a change, there is it by the situation.)
●Amount of money per 1 kg
100 g of from December to February → 100 g of 220 yen/from March to April → 100 g of 170 yen/from May to the end of May → 150 yen
●Entering a kindergarten chargesFree of charge
●Business hours9:00-17:00
Neighborhood of 1592-5, Magata, Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki ※It is not the address of the farm.
(because the address of the farm is not recognized with a navigator) ※The navigator input, please input this address. << you will see a farm in the back of Otoyo oil.>>
From December 1 OPEN!!! It needs reservations.
On the day I would like a telephone of the confirmation when he/she goes.
I can harvest it casually with even a small child standing as it is ko*sai* of two steps of top and bottom.
In addition, I come to be able to go even along the wheelchair.
Kobayashi-city Tourism Association
1829-16 Hosono Kobayashi-city, Miyazaki
KITTO Kobayashi
TEL. 0984-22-8684
FAX. 0984-22-8685
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