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Kobayashi: Flowers, GreeneryWater
Fruits picking
Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival
 From September 23 to October 29


The Kobayashi-shi tourist association administration facilities closure, suspension of business

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, I am closed for from Thursday, August 6 to Sunday, August 16 in 2020
※Depending on the situation, it may be extended.
●The mountain freshwater fish aquarium closure of the appearance        ●Mountain Park of the appearance rental boat suspension of business

The opening situation of public facilities in Kobayashi-shi

I move to Kobayashi-shi government office HP.


May 9, 2017
October 5, 2017
◆October 11, 2017
 About the regulation of the mountain trail (Kobayashi City Hall Official HP.)
 *From the entrance of trail path to Lake Ohata, Mt. Ohata, and Mt. Shishiko.
Kobayashi: FlowersGreenery and Water.
Kobayashi-shi located in the southwestern part of Miyazaki is surrounded by the mountains of Kyushu mountainous district and Kirishima from the northern part to the southwestern part.
I offer many "eases" to the various places visited in rich nature.
Besides, I can taste an abundant hot spring of the quantity of water, the accommodation of the roof of thatch, the atmosphere of the classic "country" including the special product full of the emotion.

Ikoma Heights - Ebino Kogen detour

Ebino Kogen cannot pass it from Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki now via prefectural road Route 1.
<< detour route >>
Kobayashi-shi - Ebino Kogen area (in Miyama via the island road)/about 26.2km (about 40 minutes)
※Please note that you may not pass it on time.


◆July 8, 2020 
 About Closed to the Public of "phallic stone park, sankorekyukyo" (move to Kobayashi-shi government office HP.)
◆April 18, 2019
 About the eruption caution level reduction of the sulfur mountain (move to Kobayashi-shi government office HP.)
What to do in Kobayashi
Tourist Attractions Map

Around JR Kobayashi Station MAP

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